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Suzanne and Lee Feldman, Edgartown   *****
Vineyard Caretakers worked quickly with us setting up someone to disconnect the gas line to our old gas dryer and scheduled the same company to come back the same day to hook up our new gas dryer before we were even customers! This all occurred on the Memorial Day Weekend…great customer service!  Of course, we are now customers of Vineyard Caretakers and look forward to our relationship.  

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Raj Raatan Edgartown and Scarsdale New York   *****

It is an absolute pleasure for me to provide my enthusiastic endorsement for Vineyard Caretakers in general and Jerry, the owner of Vineyard Caretakers,  in particular. After searching for several years for the right person to oversee our residence in Edgartown, we were very fortunate to be connected with Jerry. He is competent, efficient, knowledgeable, polite, honest, and completely transparent. He is respectful and easy to work with without being wishy-washy. He has been unsurpassed in his responsiveness not only to us, but to our renters and friends who have stayed in our house. Jerry's affable personality reflects his love of people, knowledge of homes and their maintenance, and his established professional network of service people-important qualities in a person who we invest so much responsibility in.  Jerry helped us to find the woman who cleans our house, Marie Santos, who is also part of the outstanding panoply of services offered by Vineyard Caretakers. If you are in search for someone to take care of your home with the same attention to service, detail and potential liability that you would personally invest, then you should hire won't be disappointed! He is a rare find. 

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Barbara and Mike Bellissimo, West Tisbury   *****

We've been working with Vineyard Caretakers for several years. They are responsive and professional... we hear from them every week like clockwork! If something's not right at the house, we get a picture and a text ASAP. Service providers recommended and managed by Vineyard Caretakers are responsible and reasonable. We have recommended Vineyard Caretakers to many people, and will continue to do so.    

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Liz and Ken Deren, Oak Bluffs   *****
We recently hired Vineyard Caretakers to manage our newly built home in Oak Bluffs. We were on the fence as to whether we would need a caretaker as we have family on the Island and the house is new construction. We decided it wouldn't hurt to have someone responsible for anything that might come up - boy are we happy we did!  On the first day, with our first renter in the house, we had several issues arise. Jerry was at the property within 5 minutes and kept me informed through the entire day. It was so great having him on site and managing everything for us. Most importantly, I didn't have to bother my family when I needed immediate assistant - I could just call Vineyard Caretakers!  I sleep better off-island, knowing I have Vineyard Caretakers on-island!

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Karla and Todd Hanna, Vineyard Haven  *****
We have worked with Jerry and Vineyard Caretakers for 5 years now, and it’s been a flawless and beneficial relationship since the beginning.  Jerry is attentive, responsive, helpful, proactive, easy to work with, easy to communicate with, and personable.  This property was our very first on the Island, and Jerry was key to making the transition simple and enjoyable for us.  He has exceeded our expectations as a caretaker and has become a trusted friend.  We wholeheartedly recommend Jerry and Vineyard Caretakers for your island property management needs.      

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