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Home Security Review

We take pride in being your property management company on Martha's Vineyard! While you're away from Martha's Vineyard, Vineyard Caretakers will help you sleep easier with our home security services. Our approach goes far beyond mere house-watching. We start the process with a thorough home security audit. For homes with outdated security technology, Vineyard Caretakers will partner with the area's most trusted monitoring companies to help you to choose the right system.​​

Vineyard Caretakers security service offerings include:

• 24-hour emergency on-call response working with your security service,
• Scheduled interior and exterior property inspections and
• Regular property watch reports and digital photos emailed to you while you are away.




Vineyard Caretakers

We have a network of reliable contractors. We ensure that each contractor used by Vineyard Caretakers is a qualified, insured professional licensed contractor. Having personal relationships with our contractors ensures that you receive service, especially during the hectic summer months.

We want to be your local home caretaker on Martha's Vineyard while you are off Island. Our promise is to be an extension of you and your family providing top of the line property management during the year on Martha's Vineyard.

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