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We will customize our service to meet your particular needs, with our pledge to monitor your property to the highest standards. By utilizing our dedicated, comprehensive inspections, we eliminate potential hazards, and take corrective action before any serious damage or costly repairs are incurred. 

Vineyard Caretakers is a team of professionals who:

  • believe in doing things right,
  • are honest,
  • solve problems before they occur,
  • use common sense, and 
  • are flexible to meet your needs.

We bring you the help you need to keep your home operable, clean and secure.

At Vineyard Caretakers we do much more than provide typical caretaking services. We provide house cleaning, home maintenance and security. More importantly we provide you with a priceless gift -- peace of mind – while you are away from your home! 

Servicing the island of Martha's Vineyard

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Vineyard Caretakers

About Us

Reliable, Confidential, Honest and Punctual!

Vineyard Caretakers is an experienced caretaking company with multi-skilled experience. We have earned an excellent reputation from our professional service provided on Martha’s Vineyard since 2007; please see our customer testimonials  for feedback from our clients. We provide the highest professional standard of service in order to relieve you of the stress being away from your home. We will build a personal relationship with you going forward.  We are honest, reliable and trustworthy. Most importantly, this is our primary and only business, which allows us to be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, unlike other caretakers on the Vineyard who treat caretaking as a supplement to their primary income.



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