​​Theresa Fleming, Oak Bluffs   *****

I just wanted to take a moment to say what a pleasure it is to work with Vineyard Caretakers.  It is a company that is based on honesty, service, and most of all loyalty.  I know this first hand, as I have been lucky enough to be a customer of theirs for several years. 
Living off island, Vineyard Caretakers  is my ears and eyes regarding my Oak Bluffs home and property. 
I receive frequent updates including pictures regarding how things are going.  On several occasions, they were able to notify me quickly regarding water in the basement as well as a tree coming down in a storm.  They arrange and coordinate appointments to meet my vendors (i.e. landscaper, pest control etc.) at the house.  This is very helpful as it saves me the time and travel of having to go to the house myself. 
What is important to note is that they also take care of my renters during the busy season.  For example, once when the central AC broke down, they answered my renter’s call right away and the issue was quickly resolved.  Another time when the fire alarm went off at 3:00 AM in the morning Jerry, the owner of Vineyard Caretakers, was there with the fire department and Police to make sure everything was okay.  My renters were very happy to see him at the house that early as they almost slept through the alarm.  It is just another example of how Jerry and Vineyard Caretakers staff care about their clients.  They treat people like family rather than just another number. 
Vineyard Caretakers  is the best decision I made regarding my home.  I look forward to many more years of doing business with them

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Preston & Seeley Brooks, Vineyard Haven   *****

We selected  Vineyard Caretakers  via a web search. The first time they went through the house, they identified a leak from the upstairs bathroom. They immediately contacted us via text message accompanied with pictures. We gave them the approval to get a plumber, which they did, and the next day it was fixed; they then selected a painter to repair and paint the ceiling, which was completed within the next few days...this all occurred the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend.  

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Russ and Mary Miceli, West Tisbury   *****

We have been satisfied customers since 2007. The Vineyard Caretakers Group has always been immediately responsive whenever we have contacted them for anything to do with our place on the Vineyard; a true 24-7 service. One thing that we as customers look for, is an immediate response to our inquires, in our case using text messaging, which Vineyard Caretakers never fails in responding to us in the shortest period. Consistency!

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